This Project Works is an international creative development company.

A creative network that has professionals with more than 15 years of experience in art direction, digital development, graphic design, video art and creative entrepreneurship.
We are specialists in creating interactive experiences and concept design, we approach our projects from a global perspective.
Brand Strategy
On/Off Experiences
User Experience Analysis
Media Content Strategy
Innovation methodologies
Big Data Analytics
Art Direction
3D Works
Motion Graphics
Creative coding
Digital Design
Editorial Design
Corporate Tools
Interactive Experiences
Websites & Web App
Mobile App Development
Front & Back Development
Customized CMS
Alejandro García
MonsieurGarcía is co-founder of This Project Works in Spain and has a passion for brand new challenges. Mr G has worked in different areas in the field of graphics and art direction. He has developed several projects for significant museums and cultural institutions, fashion brands and within the beauty, healthcare, retail industries, not to mention various others. Most of them have been set up in partnership with ED Brands and Estudio Paco Bascuñán in Spain while some were completed on a freelance basis. MonsieurGarcía also has developed projects of naming or trend researching for fashion.
Carlos Yanes
Carlos is co-founder and the CTO of ThisProjectWorks, a specialist in interactive system development, through Human-Computer-Interaction. His career has swung between aesthetics and development. His projects turn into a fun experience, where the functionality and aesthetic interaction converge with a sole objective, the optimal user experience. From the beginning of his career, he has undertaken various projects, both on his own or in collaboration with other professionals from the fields of marketing, technology and communication.
Lars Neubert
Lars is a copywriter and storyteller and takes care that things not remain unsaid. His essays, journal articles, nonfiction stories or compelling and vivid post-writing are part of the interactive experiences we develop for our clients. During his career, he has developed content for important companies in the audiovisual sector such as Sony Pictures, Zodiak Media Group and Mediaset. He is currently collaborating with the premium TV network Starz.
Pepa Catalá
Pepa is our go-to person with regards to the final design product. She is often the link between the on and off design experience. She has accompanied us in more than a hundred projects since we founded our creative network. She is responsible for creative processes, technical adjustments in both branding, motion graphics, editorial design and packaging projects. She is passionate about design and film culture.
Luis Merino
Luis is one of our closest collaborators. His experience as a high-quality filmmaker and video editor which has allowed us to always offer a vision of excellence in many of our projects. He has been an essential part of TPW for three years and has toured Europe with us always creating quality content.
Sofiene Laouini
Sofiene is a Full-Stack developer with industry experience building websites and web applications. He specializes in FrontEnd JavaScript and Single Page Applications. He is a tenacious person, enthusiastic about the code, capable of facing any new challenge.
Juan Gimeno
Juan is one of our most trusted team members. He is responsible for numerous motion graphics and has undeniable responsiveness and professionalism. He contributes efficiently to ensure that we do not have any delays in our video creation projects.
Víctor Yeste
Victor is our man behind the scenes, he works with us on improving the positioning of our clients and making his digital presence more visible. He has been collaborating with us for more than four years and has been entrusted with his experience to enhance SEO in the presence of clients from very diverse sectors.
Rubén Doblado
Ruben is our Systems Technician, he guarantees the smooth operation of our servers, optimising the performance of our websites. From the very beginning, we have trusted him in managing the control and security aspects of our digital environment.
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