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We have been working for several projects inside the food & gastronomy industry. 
Here you have a curated selection of projects about how we interpret this tasty world and how we provide solutions for our clients.


Sustainable gastronomy

The creation of a new publishing company
CLIENT: Mesa Mediterranea
This is one of our most beloved projects. In 2018, María Diago commissioned us to help her launch her publishing project. A company aiming to transform gastronomy into a more sustainable business by making visible chefs' achievements in proximity and sustainability.
Mediterranean identity
TPW helped build the brand from inception, with a spanning work strategy including naming and identity, as well as, its extension to publishing architecture and UI design.
Drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean blue, our bold letterform logotype talks about gathering on the Mediterranean coast: a table set by the sea.
Digital Branded
A strong presence in the digital space is now a default position. We help brands developing their presence through a multi-channel strategy encompassing the web, mobile and apps.
The Project
Sustentable is a new gastronomic guide that emphasises the proximity of raw materials and the environmental sustainability of restaurants. With this project that analyses more than 100 restaurants in the region of the Valencian Community, we began a series of different regional editions for the coming years ahead.
Thinking Globally
We have created the global image of the project. Our team designed the book, developed the app and photographed the chefs and their restaurants.
Global warming is creating new consumption patterns and habits. It is also changing our conscience and the way we live our lives. We worked together with author María Diago, who shares valuable insights from her experience as an environmental consultant for different institutions in Spain in this new model of a gastronomic guide.
The Book
We edited, designed and produced this fascinating guide promoting and disseminating one of today's greatest discussion topics: how to create a new model of food consumption.
The app
A Digital Pocket Guide.
Immediacy has become essential in our contemporary life. Mobile technology allows us to carry everything we need in our pocket. That's why we decided to make this sustainable food project accessible anywhere. Download it here for free.
The Beginning
The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia was chosen for the launch of this project. We invited different sustainability experts linked to gastronomy to present Sustentable, which was attended by more than three hundred and fifty guests, including chefs, producers and entrepreneurs.
Foodie Passion