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We have been working for several projects inside the food & gastronomy industry. 
Here you have a curated selection of projects about how we interpret this tasty world and how we provide solutions for our clients.


Transforming Gastronomy

A publishing company that inspires change
CLIENT: Mesa Mediterranea

In 2018, María Diago and TPW embarked on a mission to revolutionize the culinary world with a publishing project that would transform gastronomy into a more sustainable business. With a passion for sustainability and a deep appreciation for local chefs' achievements, María envisioned a platform that would shine a spotlight on chefs who prioritize proximity and sustainability in their culinary creations. 

Five years and two book publications later, 
we are proud to be on track to make 
María Diago's sustainable gastronomy project 
grow and flourish.

Mediterranean identity
Since its inception, TPW has played a pivotal role in helping a brand dedicated to sustainable gastronomy come to life. With a comprehensive and strategic approach that encompasses naming, identity, and publishing architecture, TPW has been instrumental in shaping the brand's vision and impact.
A table set by the sea
The logotype draws inspiration from the mesmerizing hues of the Mediterranean blue, evoking the serene beauty of the sea. The bold letterforms exude confidence and strength, capturing the essence of gathering and coming together in a joyous celebration.

Digital Branded
In today's digital era, establishing a strong online presence is crucial for businesses to thrive. TPW has been at the forefront of helping brands transform their presence in the digital space, utilizing their expertise in developing apps and user-friendly websites.
The Project
Valencia, a region known for its rich culinary heritage, has taken a bold step towards promoting sustainability in its restaurant industry with the launch of Sustentable, a pioneering gastronomic guide. Developed by a team of experts in gastronomy and sustainability, Sustentable aims to evaluate and recognize restaurants in the region that are committed to sustainable practices. 

Second edition of the guide
After the resounding success of its first edition, in 2023 Sustentable launched its highly anticipated second edition, solidifying its position as a leading force in promoting sustainability in Valencia's restaurant scene.
The inclusion of new restaurants in the second edition of the guide reflects a significant shift towards sustainability, signaling that the gastronomic industry is increasingly embracing eco-friendly practices.

Valuable insights
Global warming is creating new consumption patterns and habits. It is also changing our conscience and the way we live our lives. We worked together with author María Diago, who shares valuable insights from her experience as an environmental consultant for different institutions in Spain in this new model of a gastronomic guide.

A keen eye for detail
Each dish is beautifully captured through TPW's lens, with stunning shots that capture the intricate details and artistry of the food. The guide also provides a visual feast for the eyes with breathtaking shots of the restaurant locations. 

One Guide, Two Editions and more to come
In addition to the brand identity, TPW has also designed already two books that forms the heart of Sustentable. With our expertise in layout design, typography, and visual storytelling, we created visually appealing and informative books that showcase the evaluated restaurants and their commitment to sustainability. And there are more exciting editions to come.

The app
A Digital Pocket Guide 
As a digital branding agency, TPW has also been responsible for developing the app for Sustentable. The app serves as a valuable tool for diners to access the guide on the go, providing them with an easy-to-use platform to discover and explore sustainable restaurants in the region of Valencia.

Immediacy has become essential in our contemporary life. Mobile technology allows us to carry everything we need in our pocket. That's why we decided to make this sustainable food project accessible anywhere. Download it here for free.


The Beginning
The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia was chosen for the launch of this project in 2018. We invited different sustainability experts linked to gastronomy to present Sustentable, which was attended by more than three hundred and fifty guests, including chefs, producers and entrepreneurs.

First Sustainability Awards
The second edition of Sustentable marks a significant milestone with the introduction of the Sustentable Awards. For the first time, the brand organized a special ceremony held at the venue of Caixa Forum in Valencia to honor restaurants that have excelled in sustainability.

The trophy
As a true work of art, the trophy designed by TPW is not only a symbol of recognition for the Sustainable Awards but also a testament to the beauty and importance of sustainable practices in today's world.

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