Blockchain will enable a technological revolution comparable to the creation of the world wide web. 
We are facing a paradigm shift and have taken action with the launch of our first projects on blockchain technology. Here we invite you to discover beyond the metaverse with artists, brands and our own projects that are racing towards the future.


Curated art on blockchain

The metaverse for the arts and creative minds
Blockchain technology, NFTs and the metaverse open up great opportunities for artists and creatives to promote their work and get in touch with the collectors of the future. To this end, we have worked on different platforms with their own metaverse where digital works can be exhibited, marketed and catalogued. 
An army of creators
Curated art on blockchain is a digital marketplace created on the decentralized blockchain Polygon where curators, artists, galleries or to sum it up, every kind of creative mind, can promote, trade, and catalogue their works. 

Through smart contracts within the NFTs creatives can manage the profit they will get from their works, as well as the profit they want to assign to curators, galleries, or other actors in the creative world. The platform enables the user to tokenize all kinds of digital elements: video, audio, 3D pieces or HTML/CSS/Js programming.

The marketplace has 
been the first platform 
to allow the sale of NFTs 
at the contemporary 
art fair ARCO.

Curated art on blockchain
Curated art on blockchain Curated art on blockchain Curated art on blockchain
Decentralized and democratic
For the implementation of the project, we created the ART token to build a community that is committed to this new transparent model of the digital economy. Token holders benefit from any transaction that takes place on the platform and are consulted on the direction the project will take in the future. You can download our Whitepaper to get to know more about

The Metaverse
Unlike other platforms, has its own metaverse to display all the works in a visual context, offering an immersive experience. Relevant information about the artists, curators, exhibitions and each of the works make a transparent and quality platform.
Since its launch has inaugurated exhibitions of artists from all over the world investigating genres as diverse as video art, generative art, collectibles or the world of gaming. is a platform that 
guarantees the authenticity 
of all works through curated 
exhibitions and direct 
contact with creatives.
Transcrypted Art
Transcrypted was the first in a series of different research projects related to art and blockchain technology. Through this project we explore the perspectives of artists, cultural critics, curators, gallerists, collectors and experts on the new trends in the creative world. 

Transcrypted portrays the future of art through first-hand testimonies that allow us to know the opinion of these professionals on NFT and the impact they will have on the art world.