Corporate Experiences

We create innovative solutions to promote the image of companies and the vision of institutions through a contemporary approach. We develop digital tools, video reports, campaigns, exhibition design and motion graphics, to generate unique experiences for their audiences. 


Cooperative Europe

Filming the Europe of the Future
CLIENT: European Union
Since 2018, ThisProjectWorks has been helping different European Union programs communicate their vision. We develop an audiovisual style and approach that reflects the importance of the projects. This collaboration is helping the programs like Interact, Interreg, Panoramed or Culturercovery to connect with their audiences and promote their work within the European Union.
Event Coverage
Interact is a European Program created to promote projects financed by the EU. Thanks to this communication project, regions can share their work and collaborate to make their knowledge profitable with their neighbours and project partners.
Project Slam
This event is part of Interact's communication strategy. A contest that allows all participants to discover projects from other regions and create synergies between them. We interviewed more than 40 representatives of different projects during the events we attended.
An Institution in Action
From Brussels to Athens we have been commissioned to various video shoots in different cities to visually articulate how European programs can solve real challenges for the future.
Interreg Sessions
We are facing an important change in the way that we must confront the future of relationships between continents. We were commissioned to prepare two films on the conclusions of two international meetings. Two events that analysed the current consequences of migratory processes.
Teasers for Calls
In addition to the different events we have attended, we prepare ads. Through them, their institutional online channels communicate with their audiences and invite them to participate in the activities they promote.
Short Documentaries
Through the Interreg program, EU positions on migration were integrated into one common speech. The program commissioned us to film a small documentary where expert testimonies were collected.
Feel the Med
Panoramed is a project that aims to strengthen relationships between the Mediterranean partners of the EU. The Spanish Ministry of Finance commissioned us to spread the message of this program that believes in the Mediterranean Sea as a framework for a common progress project.
Corporate Experiences