Objects and Spaces

Transforming the spaces we inhabit is an activity that man has been developing since the Ice Age. Today, spaces have evolved and so have professions which have helped shape our environments. Architects, interior and industrial designers participate in the transformation of our living spaces. We have worked with many professionals sharing creativity and providing ideas.

Glocal Creators

Refurbishing a brand
CLIENT: agrippa
Camus Collection was a well-known furniture company that valued material as a symbol of its brand. We met them at a turning point in their business, expanding their range of designers and opening the brand to international collaborations.

Adopting a new name
We began our professional collaboration by changing their brand verbal identity. During the creative process we were working on several concepts where we finally created their new identity by adopting the name of its most iconic design.


Agrippa, a new furniture design project
TPW and Camus Collection worked together on the identity as well as the graphic and verbal implementation of their new business project. Through different media sources we communicated to their audience and customers their new brand.

The launch
We worked on the design and structure of their catalogues. We developed video pieces and a brand speech ready to be launched in European, Asian and US markets.

East Design Show
For the launch of their brand, they celebrated their collaboration with Chinese designer Zhu Xiaojie at a tea ceremony that took place at Shanghai's East Design Show. This was the starting point of their new project at the International Fair curated by Xiaojie.
corporate Video
The Materia 
We created a sincere and real story regarding their product and the professionals who worked every day to turn their designs into reality. This is a short story about how the work was completed by local craftsmen and carpenters in Spain.
Objects and Spaces