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We help brands and entrepreneurs in the definition of their projects. As consultants for fashion or lifestyle companies, we help their teams to define which products represent their business model. 


Fashion Intelligence

How to launch a fashion brand. Defining a lifestyle
CLIENT: MÏAU originals
We have been involved in this project since the very beginning, even before MÏAU was born. In May 2016 Simón Carneiro, CEO of MÏAU Originals proposed to us to help him in the launch of a men's swimwear brand. The first step was to create a name and to analyse its target audience.
Fashion Intelligence
Brand Muse
We identified what kind of people were looking for something different in this market. 
We determined the thread among those individuals and added their attributes to the personality of the brand muse. 
In the case of MÏAU we defined a new model of man looking for something rare, unique and carefully manufactured.
Prints and patterns
We created these seasonal books where patterns, prints and details of the collection are defined. We had to keep an eye on all the steps during the creation process. 
Fashion Intelligence
Fashion Intelligence Fashion Intelligence Fashion Intelligence Fashion Intelligence Fashion Intelligence
Exclusive printed patterns
We have designed 4 capsule collections for MÏAU. The first one was inspired by cats. Miau is the Spanish and Portuguese sound for cats like meow, the English onomatopoeia. 

Cat power
Cats have been a main point of inspiration for the brand and are always featured in each flagship collection every season. Then, others were inspired by cities or Escher's geometrical forms.
Art Direction
A striking graphic world.
Creative guidelines were produced by ThisProjectWorks to bring the brand to life and ownable art direction. We went on to create a singular campaign based on its public personality, focusing on its target. Additional strategic and creative support was provided in the form of social media campaigns, retail activation and customer definition strategies. 
Photo and video Shoot
We defined the brand style through the first campaign images. We coordinated each actor in this elaborate goal towards the expression of a premium brand.
Fashion Intelligence Fashion Intelligence
Fashion Intelligence Fashion Intelligence
Fashion Intelligence Fashion Intelligence
A responsible brand
Every single media piece has been designed carefully. We created a brand that represents the values of the company: ethics, local production, and high quality standards and it should be recognised as male fashion.
The fully realised project was revealed through the website, where graphics and prints took centre stage. The site offers a glimpse into all aspects of the collection, a magazine about MÏAU people and an online shop.
Fashion & Lifestyle