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10th June


Chef Joanna Artieda's Showcooking Delights
TPW embarked on a captivating journey to the picturesque landscape of Navarra, where nature's beauty served as the backdrop for a delightful showcooking experience. Nestled in the heart of this enchanting region, TPW teamed up with renowned chef Joanna Artieda to film a captivating showcooking session, showcasing her culinary prowess and creativity.

Highlighting the region's culinary treasures
In this special episode, Chef Joanna Artieda unveiled a unique dessert recipe that celebrated the traditional product curd. With her expertise and innovative approach to cooking, she transformed this humble ingredient into a sensational culinary masterpiece. The dessert not only paid homage to the rich gastronomic heritage of Navarra but also highlighted the versatility and potential of curd in creating exquisite flavors.

CLIENT: Goshua
27th May


Showcasing emerging talent and inspiring collaboration

Desde Otro Prisma
TPW, in collaboration with La Fábrica and Netflix, successfully organized the highly anticipated second edition of NotodoFilmDay.
This groundbreaking event served as a platform for emerging talents in the film sector, providing them with an opportunity to pitch their visionary projects for short films. 
With TPW at the helm, the event underwent a remarkable transformation, featuring a new and captivating visual identity that captured the essence of creativity and innovation.

Visual storytelling
As part of TPW's involvement, the team took on the responsibility of covering the event from start to finish. Armed with their expertise in visual storytelling, TPW's cameras captured the excitement and energy that permeated every corner of the venue. 

The event itself was a melting pot of inspiration, as master classes and round table discussions brought together industry professionals and aspiring filmmakers to exchange ideas and knowledge.
CLIENT: La Fabrica / Netflix
08th May


A shared culinary journey
TPW and Goshua, in collaboration with other esteemed brands from Navarra, joined forces to celebrate the essence of Slow Life. In pursuit of this vision, we conceived the concept of "La buena vida" (The Good Life) to develop a collaborative campaign featuring various food brands. The central idea was to unite renowned and trusted names such as Ochoa, Gutarra, Anaut, and Goshua, weaving a collective narrative around the common thread that binds them all: the pursuit of high-quality food.

One of the highlights of this collaboration was the inclusion of the esteemed chef Alex Mujiga. With his culinary expertise, Alex crafted 12 distinct dishes specifically for this occasion, spanning from delightful aperitivos to sumptuous candlelight dinners. These dishes aimed to epitomize and celebrate the harmonious blend of a relaxed and healthy lifestyle, which we often refer to as "La buena vida" in Spain.

The culmination of our efforts resulted in the creation of 12 captivating and inspiring videos, each centered around a unique and special dish. These videos were meticulously crafted to captivate and engage audiences, showcasing the brands' commitment to delivering exceptional culinary experiences. 

Through this joint campaign, TPW, Goshua, and the other participating Navarra brands aimed to emphasize the importance of savoring life's simple pleasures and embracing a slower, more mindful approach to food. By uniting our strengths and sharing a collective story, we sought to inspire individuals to cultivate a deeper appreciation for good food and the joyous experiences it can bring.
CLIENT: Goshua
20th April


Empowering artists, ensuring authenticity

SCENTS is a blockchain solution that is poised to revolutionize the way art creators are tracked and certified. Developed in collaboration with Blue Room Innovation and our digital art platform art.army, SCENTS aims to establish decentralized identity standards that will enable the tracking of an artist's journey in the world of art.

Digital Identity
By linking NFTs to a digital identity, SCENTS makes it possible to track any artwork and verify its authenticity and rightful author and also enables the platform to become a certifier of an artist's trajectory, thereby increasing their visibility and credibility.

CLIENT: Blue Room Innovation
11th April


Customized solutions to your fingertips

Transped understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving business landscape. The need for customized transportation solutions has become increasingly critical in today's fast-paced world, and Transped recognized the opportunity to provide a seamless and user-friendly platform for its customers.

We brought Transped's vision of tailor-made solutions to life. The result is a new microsite that showcases Transped's commitment to providing logistic solutions that cater to the unique needs of their customers.

CLIENT: Transped
03rd April


A glimpse into innovative techniques, unique ingredients, and thoughtful practices

We are thrilled to announce the release of the second edition of Sustentable, our comprehensive guide to sustainable gastronomy in the beautiful region of Valencia. After months of traveling throughout the region, visiting nearly 100 restaurants, conducting interviews, and witnessing the passion and dedication of chefs and restaurateurs, we are excited to share our findings in this updated edition.

In this edition of "Sustentable," we have handpicked nearly 100 restaurants that exemplify the ethos of sustainability in their culinary offerings and practices. From cozy neighborhood eateries to upscale dining establishments, each restaurant has been carefully evaluated based on their commitment to sustainability, taking into consideration factors such as sourcing, waste management, energy efficiency, and social responsibility.


So, grab your copy of "Sustentable" and join us in celebrating the vibrant world of sustainable gastronomy in the Valencia region! Together, we can savor delicious food, protect our planet, and promote a more sustainable and responsible food culture. Cheers to a greener future!

Learn more about Sustentable here.

CLIENT: Mesa Mediterránea
23rd March


TPW's technological approach delivers an immersive experience for Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim, known for their commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, wanted an event  aligned with their technological approach to launch two new products. To showcase these products in a unique and engaging way, TPW designed and implemented an artificial intelligence (AI) host to guide the vets through the event. The AI host interacted with the attendees, provided information about the products, and created an immersive experience that captivated the audience.

TPW also designed the lighting of the venue to enhance the overall experience. The lighting design was carefully crafted to align with the event's theme, and different colors were strategically used to create an immersive atmosphere.

CLIENT: Boehringer Ingelheim
16th March


A Journey into the World of "Sevilla.Sombra Iluminada"

We had the opportunity to visit the cultural gem Seville and meet with the artists and artisans who participated in the exhibition Sevilla. Sombra Iluminada during the Madrid Design Festival. Through a small documentary film, we were able to capture the beauty and atmosphere of contemporary and traditional workshops, and gain insights into the inspirations and creative processes of these talented individuals.

From the bustling workshops filled with the rhythmic sounds of craftsmen at work to the quiet moments of contemplation as artists immersed themselves in their creative process, the film painted a vivid picture of Seville's thriving design scene.

CLIENT: City of Seville / La Fabrica
23rd February


Neolith and TPW collaborate to inspire sustainability

Neolith, a leader in sustainable surfacing solutions, has partnered for the first time with TPW to develop an exciting new sustainability section on their website. This collaboration aims to provide comprehensive information on Neolith's sustainable practices, including material sourcing, manufacturing processes, certifications, and social responsibility. 

The new sustainability section will serve as a hub for visitors interested in learning about environmentally responsible surfacing solutions and highlights Neolith's commitment to sustainability. 

CLIENT: Neolith
09th February


Preserving tradition, celebrating artistry

Once again, TPW collaborates with Mazda and the Spanish Association of Contemporary Crafts SACo to document the exhibition Intangible Traits curated by Spanish sustainability and design expert Victoria de Pereda. 

For one day we witnessed the sophisticated staging of the exhibition of handcrafted creations at the Palacio de Santa Bárbara in Madrid. Another highlight of the day was the new vehicle presented by the Japanese automaker Mazda. The MX-30 R-EV, the brand's second plug-in hybrid, made its debut at the exhibition with which the firm pays tribute to design and sustainability.

07th February


Exhibitions, workshops and showrooms

The Fernán Gómez cultural center once again became one of the main venues of the Madrid Design Festival, where several exhibitions opened simultaneously: Seville. Illuminated Shadows; Madrid, pottery of modernity. Ceramics and design in the mid-20th century and Mother Nature.

The Institución Libre de Enseñanza hosted another novelty of this new edition of the festival: Fiesta Design. Fiesta Design is a new format that invites the public to immerse themselves in the design experience in a different and close way, through a long list of proposals that will be held in an environment of connection, experimentation, inspiration, and discovery.

Once again, we have enjoyed all the activities of the festival that expanded throughout the city until the beginning of April.
CLIENT: La Fabrica / Madrid Design Festival
06th February


Empowering young filmmakers to share their vision

Desde Otro Prisma is a unique event organized by Notodofilmfest in collaboration with Netflix. The event aims to provide a platform for emerging talented people to pitch their projects to a panel of industry professionals from the audiovisual sector. 

Creative call
The event not only focuses on the stories that are represented in films but also on creating opportunities for underrepresented professionals to work behind the cameras. By promoting inclusivity both in front of and behind the cameras, the event aims to foster a more diverse and representative film industry. TPW's contribution to the event's new image for its second edition adds a meaningful and visually engaging dimension to the overall experience.

CLIENT: La Fabrica / Netflix
26th January

MDF OFF 2023

Off the beaten path of design
The Madrid Design Festival is one of the most anticipated design events in Spain. While the main festival program showcases a plethora of exhibitions and installations in renowned venues, there's another dynamic and exciting aspect to the festival: the "OFF" section.
During the duration of the Madrid Design Festival, the city comes alive with design-related activities happening beyond the mainstream venues. Numerous studios, shops, showrooms, and creative spaces throughout Madrid take part in the "OFF" section, offering a diverse range of events, exhibitions, workshops, talks, and more. 

This section provides a platform for emerging designers, independent creatives, and local businesses to showcase their work, engage with the design community, and connect with design enthusiasts. Visitors can participate in workshops to learn new skills, attend talks and discussions to gain insights from design experts, and interact with designers and makers to learn about their creative process.

As the Madrid Design Festival continues to evolve and grow, TPW's audiovisual journey serves as a testament to the power of storytelling and visual media in promoting the "OFF" section. It brings to life the passion, creativity, and innovation that thrive in the design community of Madrid and inspires others to explore and engage with the "OFF" section in a more immersive and meaningful way.

CLIENT: La Fabrica / Madrid Design Festival
18th January


Spanish designers make a statement in Paris

The Rising Talent Awards at Maison&Objet in Paris are a platform for young designers to showcase their creativity, craftsmanship, and unique perspectives. Each edition of the fair features a selection of rising talents from a particular region or country, who are handpicked by a panel of industry experts for their exceptional work and potential. 

Spain's invitation as the guest country
is a testament to its burgeoning design 
scene and the creativity of its young talents.

The collaboration between TPW and ICEX Export and Import has resulted in a compelling documentary that offers a window into the world of young Spanish artists who have been honored this year with this prestigious award. It showcases their artistic careers, creative approaches, and the relevance of Spanish design in the contemporary world. 

TPW's documentary is a celebration of their talent, creativity, and contribution to the design landscape, inspiring and captivating audiences with their stories and work. Within the framework of this joint action between ICEX and Maison et Objet we created a micro-campaign in networks with stories from each of the participants. 

CLIENT: ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones
16th January


NFTs with utility

TPW has had the opportunity to collaborate once again with Fuego Camina Conmigo, which commissioned us with the technological development of the project based on the Polygon blockchain. This is a promotion launched by beer brand Estrella Damm that gives away free attendance for music festivals for 10 years through an NFT in the form of a digital bracelet.


More and more brands realize that NFTs do not only represent ownership of a digital item, but also provide additional benefits or functionalities beyond just being a digital collectible. They can represent ownership of event tickets, such as concerts or festivals and may also include perks such as VIP treatment, meet-and-greets with artists, or other exclusive experiences. 

Digital bracelet created by Alex Trochut.
CLIENT: Fuego Camina Conmigo
05th January


Digital landscapes created through AI

To congratulate our clients and collaborators on the new year, we wanted to share with them our memories of the new worlds that we are discovering. Using an algorithm to which we feed 12 snippets from different places we've traveled to, we play with artificial intelligence to create new landscapes by interweaving images.

The result of this experiment are 64 unique creations of non-existent corners such as the children bathing on the coast of La Graciosa next to a Lutheran church, or the van that crosses a glacial lagoon in Timanfaya.
We have built a unique paradise for each of those who have received this gift. In each scene the images merge into a space that does not exist but that can serve as a refuge for this new year.