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Madrid Design Festival

Redesigning the world from another point of view
CLIENT: LA fabrica
Every year MDF highlights trends in the world of design and showcases the latest hot topics and key players in the different disciplines on a global level. This year we have had a special edition as a result of the pandemic, but the quality of the content has remained intact.
4th edition
The city has been the stage for collective creation but in this edition has found its communication torrent in digital channels as well as its invasion of the city through urban media.
Madrid Design Festival
Madrid Design Festival Madrid Design Festival Madrid Design Festival Madrid Design Festival Madrid Design Festival
This year, more than ever, the festival's presence in social media and digital channels has played an important role. 
Digital Identity
We have developed a complete identity programme for each virtual space in which new content must navigate, packed with interviews, presentations and exhibitions. A range of conceptual containers in which everything happens.
Through the relaunch of new sections such as MDF INSIDE or MDF STUDIO or transversal projects such as Madrid Design Portrait, we have relaunched the festival's identity. 
digital contents
We have started the digital transformation of the festival using audiovisual media. Social media content tells the stories behind the festival through Instagram stories. A new video format for a new communication paradigm.

New media challenges
We have produced broadcasts for the opening ceremony, interviews with the award-winning designers, testimonials from the participants and content for the brands that support the festival. 

Refurbishing tools
The redesign of the website has been a part of this transformation from an information desk to a digital container. And sadly as we couldn't offer a press conference we transform it into virtual live streaming. 
Design, Fashion & Lifestyle